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Streaming plans in Ecuador

We have created a wide selection of specific packages for each need. All alternatives include AutoDJ, HTML5 Player and SSL Connection.

Stream 1

$58.00 USD Annually
Espacio: 50GB Oyentes en Simúltaneo: 100 Calidad: 128 KBPS Transferencia: Ilimitada

Stream 2

$98.00 USD Annually
Espacio: 100GB Oyentes en Simúltaneo: 500 Calidad: 256 KBPS Transferencia: Ilimitada

Stream 3

$138.00 USD Annually
Espacio: 150GB Oyentes en Simúltaneo: 1000 Calidad: 320 KBPS Transferencia: Ilimitada

Stream 4

$198.00 USD Annually
Espacio: 200GB Oyentes en Simúltaneo: Ilimitados Calidad: 320 KBPS Transferencia: Ilimitada

Stream 5

$298.00 USD Annually
Espacio: 300GB Oyentes en Simúltaneo: Ilimitados Calidad: 320 KBPS Transferencia: Ilimitada

Stream 6

$529.00 USD Annually
Espacio: Ilimitado Oyentes en Simúltaneo: Ilimitados Calidad: 320 KBPS Transferencia: Ilimitada

Best price on the market

Quote and compare! Our audio streaming solution is the one that best adapts to your needs and provides the best balance between cost and benefit versus other competitors on the market.

Greater capacity per plan

We have focused on providing the greatest storage capacity possible in all Audio Streaming plans. This way you can host all your musical content without space problems.

Guaranteed uptime 99.8%

We guarantee an uptime of 99.8%. This is the highest rate you can find on the Internet. Stream your audio without service interruptions from anywhere in the world.
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Top-notch features in all Streaming plans

Automatic Provisioning

Your plan is activated quickly and automatically after online payment without human intervention.

SSL connection

We guarantee the security of all our transmissions by encrypting each channel with an SSL certificate. You can integrate our playback widget into your website or app with complete confidence.


Our advanced AutoDJ system will automatically play your music 24/7.

HTML5 Player

Our Audio Streaming solution provides embedding widgets in HTML5, ensuring playback on any type of mobile device, including tablets, smartphones and cell phones.

Azuracast Control Panel

Azuracast is a next-generation control panel that provides full control over Audio Streaming actions through an extremely friendly and intuitive interface.


Stream seamlessly on ShoutcastV2 or ICEcast with our platform, which supports any type of streaming. Additionally, we offer support for files in m4a, ogg and mp3 formats.

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